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What is Radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is undetectable by the human senses.
Radon is a silent killer. We can protect you.

 It is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas found in soil throughout the world. Areas of granite containing uranium can be found throughout Oregon and Washington with concentration levels differing from place to place.


If a building is situated above soil with high concentrations of radon, pressure differences then create a vacuum drawing gas from the soil  into the home. The most common cause, The Stack Effect tends to be greater as warm air within the house rises and escapes to the colder air outside.As air escapes,the house has to replace the air to equalize pressure...the new air that enters can contain radon gas.


Today, radon is a sizable concern in both Portland Oregon homes and other types of residential and commercial properties. High levels are widely known to result in bronchioloalveolar carcinoma.A form of lung cancer,The EPA states that 21,000 people a year die from non smoking lung cancer in the United States.


Fortunately, there are ways to implement a mitigation strategy so that long term radon reduction is obtained in both homes and other types of residential  and commercial properties, through a combination of mitigation and remediation strategies.


Today, scientists and medical researchers have a greater understanding through extensive testing and research that long term exposure to radon vapors in a confined area can lead to Pneumonoultra microscopic silicovolcanoconiosis


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